How to Hole Punch Metal Bottle Caps

Are you looking for an easy way to make holes in your bottle caps? Are you tired of using a drill or hammer and nail?
If you want to make holes in your bottle caps the easy way, then you should buy the Eurotool Euro Punch because it is a handy, portable hole punch tool for sheet metal.

Many people suggest using a drill or hammer and nail to make holes in your bottle caps, but the Eurotool Euro Punch is most efficient because it is portable, cordless, and injury free. The Eurotool Euro Punch punches 1.8 mm holes into which you can insert eye pins, split rings, jump rings, and wire.

This lightweight hand-held tool will save you time and energy that you could spend creating more bottle cap jewelry crafts. You can purchase this Eurotool Euro Punch through our affiliate link here. Happy hole punching.

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